Pressing the ‘Reset’ button on Time- OR NOT!

Rules For Effective Time Management


They say “those who have climbed the ladder to success do not just work ‘hard, hard and
hard’ but work ‘fast, fast and fast’.” That being said, it is not rare that we wish that the clock
supported an extra hour instead of the stale 24, when it comes to us rushing into deadlines.
Yet again we have those who claim to work smart rather than any of the above and still find
time to catch up on that extra cup of coffee with an old friend or that movie you have been
longing to watch. The crux of it all simply boils down to one phenomenon – ‘Effective Time

The virtual world if filled with anecdotes on how to manage your time effectively. Here are
some that really fits the box.

1. Learn to say ‘No’!

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a mother who wants to maintain that much needed
balance between family and work, fighting that overwhelming feeling to fit it all in one day;
you need to ‘stop’ pushing yourself that extra mile all the time and channelize your priorities
to the right pattern at the right time. Of cause you don’t want to say no when your son wants
you to be there at his ‘ball game’ and neither do you want deny that client order that you
have been working so hard to bag. But let me say this straight, “It is all right to say NO!” No to
what? – again – chips in ‘priorities’. You want that order, take it, place your terms, schedule a
delivery to another day! Not happening? Fit in the dad, cousin, sibling for your son’s ball
game! Your time, is ‘your’ time – how you fit things in is up to you!

2. Stop Rushing, Real Time is the key.

Popular author and strategists, Brain Tracy maintains that in order to attain success, one must
work in real – time. Pushing things for later will not just add on to that heap of work but will
also result in bottlenecks. So finish that small task that sprang up and don’t push it away for
later and, there, you will actually realize you are doing away with a lot of stress. Doing things
as they appear will help you get noticed, approval as people love to hand over tasks to
those who give them a priority.

3. Create a plan – put ‘REST’ in your priority list!

We all chalk our work schedule, priority lists and things to do plans, but actually end up
leaving out the most important bit – which is – REST! Okay, do not over do it – But having an
hour of two set aside for rest during your day will help you schedule things better. Giving
four hours to work and a half for rest, another two to work, another half for rest. Maintain
this, and you will be surprised how things fall into place. Life is not a marathon to be won –
take things slow, set realistic goals – time your work in real time!


4. Don’t Pick up Tasks by the 80/20 Rule:

You can earn a thousand bucks by doing tasks in bulk in a short span, that is 80% effort and
20% gain. But on the flip side, you can earn a thousand bucks by doing sensible things,
spread out over a decent time frame, without making a run towards the deadline. Obviously,
the latter sounds more promising and much more productive. So do not drool over making
that fast buck and loosing your sanity in the process of performing the task. Instead, adopt a
scheduled approach, picking up things that make more sense.
So stop fretting, schedule your time giving priority to yourself and that is enough to give
those stress muscles a break.