Gut Health Issues

Lately it seems a lot of my clients are suffering from gut related issues. Case in point being a long timer with Graves disease or hyperthyroidism that exhibits all kinds of symptoms that maker her feel bloated, tired all the time and foggy, like she cannot focus at all. Constantly craving sweets as soon as she is done eating, very lethargic. I felt the best course of action would be to do a cleanse, with a focus on candida.

In order to start the healing and boost the flush cycle, we went with a 3 day process that included only warm food, including Pau d’arco tea, roasted barley tea, fresh home made bone broth with cooked vegetables and low quantities of protein, lots of water and we started a cycle of supplements including the following:

Coconut Oil 2 tablespoons per day

Vegetarian Probitoic 14 Billion  good bacteria- 1 tablet twice a day

Healthy Natural Systems (HNS) Liquid Colloidal Minerals 2 tablespoons per day

Leptinal 90 1 tablet twice a day

Vitamin D3 5000 Iu 1 tablet twice a day

Vitamin C -1000 1 tablet twice a day

So far, it has been working well and my client feels better, is less bloated and has more energy. She has opted to do a 2nd round of the cleanse before we move to the next step.
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