OUR PATH TO EFFICIENT ORGANIZATION- the home office edition.

Some people tend to enjoy a routine that requires them to wake up at a regular hour in the morning and travel all the way up to their employer’s lair for work. On the other end, some dedicate part of their home as a working space either because they work from home, or because they prefer a specialized area with their office necessities in immediate reach to put in extra hours for a 9-to-5 job, over your average and quite uncomfortable desk.

But those thinking they can get off easy by simply pushing a set of shelves and a desk against a wall in an abandoned corner of their house are, unfortunately, mistaken. Even if you do not use your office as often as one might, if not cleaned out and organized on a regular basis, you may soon find yourself sitting on the floor untangling wires while simultaneously worrying about that mile high stack of papers toppling over at any moment.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Keep in mind the following tips and tricks to declutter your messy desk space and keep it the tidiest it can be for times to come!

Before you start sorting through anything, the first question you must ask yourself is: where will I put it? As the self-storage industry gradually climbs the ladder in the United States,–Inspiring-Shelves-and-Cabinets gives you a vast list of interesting furniture; such as shelves, billing racks, innovative cabinets and containers to give your work-from-home space a comprehensive and modern look. Once you know where your uncluttered things will be going, the next step is to group them. The principle is simple: paper goes with paper, CDs go with CDs and likewise for any other things your office needs to become your work haven. When your things are grouped based on their likenesses and similarities, it will undoubtedly become much easier to locate them when putting them away.


To make things even simpler, find ways you can eliminate from your piles.It is common to simply leave envelopes, bills, letters and notes laying on your desk as you come and go. Sort through your stash by shredding any and all useless material. For the rest of your papers, organize them on the basis of importance, alphabetical order- whatever works best for you- and file them in folders.

It takes around 10 minutes to search for a paper or file, on average. Which brings us to our next point- color code! Let the funky in your soul shine through and make use of all the post-its and sharpies in your drawer to mark or label your stuff. A little color never hurt anyone especially when it enables you to swiftly pull out a required item in a few quick motions. Even if you aren’t one for colors, you may find a large variety of monochromatic organizers at your disposal as well!


Designate parts of your desk as stations. The portion near a socket should automatically be where your computer or electronics go, keep the center free for manual work, and use the rest of the space to store immediate needs such as stationary, in innovative containers that carry twice the load and occupy half the space. Invest money in furniture that gives you maximum storage space and gives your office a fresh air.

Once your PC and printer are all set up, your vital papers filed in labelled files away from sight, your requirements handy near your desk and books and personal items arranged in shelves, you are ready to rumble!Don’t forget to keep things back where you pick them from to avoid creating another battlefield for clutter and yourself. But a little regular reorganization will only help your work place to remain top notch ever!



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