Cooking Classes and Workshops

fruits and veggies of spain

photo courtesy of Susan Marcus

Local Cooking classes available:

I am thrilled to announce that I will be teaching cooking classes at the Paramus (New Jersey) Community School starting Thursday March 2, 2017. Six weeks of classes exploring the world through vegan food, the topics will include Indian, Mexican, Spanish, African & Asian cuisines. There is more information and registration on their website. These are too good to miss out!

I also have a 2 week class at the Ridgewood (New Jersey) Community School March 22 & 29, 2017. We will delve into Vegan cooking showcasing what is locally and seasonally available. There is more information on their website or you can call them at (201) 670-2777 .

Private In-Home cooking classes

Have you put off eating better because you don’t have time to cook? No idea what to cook or how?

“I would follow that diet plan, but I can’t cook”

Let Harmony help!

We offer private cooking classes, 2 hours exploring tastes and techniques to get you on your way to a healthier diet and a healthier you. Whether it’s 1 person, your whole family or a bunch of friends, we can make a meal or a bunch of tasting plates with easy to follow recipes that you will want to make again and again.

Before the class, we will call you to plan the dishes, the number of people and any special requests or requirements, it’s very important that we be made aware of any food allergies before we plan the menus. We bring the food to your kitchen, prepare it with you, and then clean up at the end.

Starting at  $150 for the first person for 2 hours, you can add more people for $75 each.

The costs include the main ingredients. We will go over what you have on hand and what we need to provide.

The class price for the first person ($150) is required as a non-refundable deposit to book your selected date. We understand that there may be extenuating circumstances to reschedule and will do our best to accommodate.


Cooking Workshops

If your company or group would like a workshop during lunch hour, after work for happy hour or during a meeting; we can come and show you some new food ideas and techniques that don’t take a lot of time but have a big impact on your health.

All programs are custom designed, we can help you explore Meatless Mondays, special diets, healthy snacks from your kitchen and so much more.


Please fill out the form below, and will contact you to schedule your cooking class or workshop!