About me

order antabuse After struggling with an auto-immune disease & then overcoming cancer; I decided there had to be something more. I want to help people! I want to help you focus on your health, wellness and explore eating well & cooking well.

http://4marchforth.com/and-as-always-march-forth/index.php?adclick=7 What you need to know about Me? 

  • I am a health & wellness coach
  • Thanks to a great mentor & friend, I chose to study at the institute for  Integrative Nutrition
  •  I am a lucky wife, proud mother, sister, aunt, Sci-Fi geek, proud gamer-girl, & avid reader.
  • Through my experience testing recipes both personally and professionally, I understand how to make eating healthy taste amazing regardless of dietary restrictions.
  • Having had the opportunity to lead groups on a variety of topics, I enjoy working with people who like me share a love of never ending learning.

I have been suffering from Grave’s disease (hyperthyroid) for the last 7 years and in addition I am also a cancer survivor. Having suffered all this time with my thyroid, I have learned more about food allergies & sensitivities as well as how it affects your wellbeing.

I am now cancer free, and it is my determination to remain that way. Food & keeping my life balanced play a huge role in this. Let me show you how to make it work for you as well.

So I am passionate about helping people feel great and have a balanced view about their person.



It is natural for you to ask, what is HARMONY AND WELLNESS’ mission? Well, I will tell you in few sentences and it is very simple and clear.

To connect with people to help them balance their lifestyle & wellness to help them find harmony with their health & success.

When you visit harmonylifestyleandwellness.com, you get access to wide range of information on wellness and health, and our contributors love to include articles to invite you to share their interests.
Highlight of services you can obtain from Harmony Lifestyle & Wellness are:
You meet a specialists in health, beauty etc.

Talented cook and nutritionist.

Experienced health counselor.

…And so much more

let’s get started see what I can do for you!