Free Wellness Workshops 

Every week from 10am to noon we will explore a new topic to help you make 2017 your most amazing year yet!  Let’s have a cup of tea and talk about things that are important to you.


   March 11th 10am-12 noon Detox as an Ongoing Process
Instead of trying to crash your body’s eco-system with instant detoxes that only make you sicker, we will look at ways to make healthy habit changes that create ongoing gentle process for optimal health.
  March 18th 10am-12 noon Tune your Immune System

Everywhere you look there is some miracle cure for your immune system and you still feel like yuck! Join me for the best 3 ways to tune your immune system and start feeling better today!

 Veggie basket  April 1st 10am – 12noonEating Clean – what that really means and why you need to do it

We will explore what eating clean means, and it’s not all salads! How what you eat effects your mood, what is really on that ingredients list and they key elements for feeling great!

 food journal April 8th 710am – 12noon

Goal Check in, What’s next

Whether you came to the March workshop for your just starting, this is a great time to find your goals, set them and create a way to track them.